Configuring Tap

There are 3 main ways to configure tap to behave the way you want it to.

The first, and most straightforward, is to set a flag on the command line.

The next is to create a .taprc file in the current working directory (typically the root of your project, where your package.json lives). This file is interpreted as yaml, and can contain any options that can also be set on the command line.

To see what should be put in a yaml config file, you can run tap --dump-config to have it spit out its defaults. If --dump-config is combined with other options, then this will show the resulting configuration.

You can change the location of the .taprc file by setting the --rcfile command-line option.

Lastly, tap will look for a tap section in a package.json file in the current working directory, and use that object as as source of configuration as well.

Information about all of the various config options can be obtained by running tap -h.