Node TAP 21.0.0

tap Synonyms Plugin (optional)


This plugin provides a lot of aliases for various assertion methods.


This plugin is not included in tap by default. Add it by running tap plugin add @tapjs/synonyms.

Once added:

import t from 'tap'

// If you can guess it, it's probably what you'd think.
t.isEqual(1 + 2, 3)


When node-tap was originally written, there were several different test and assertion frameworks (including node's built-in assert module) that all had subtly different naming conventions.

Test libraries in JavaScript at the time were often ported from other languages like Ruby or Perl, which had different naming conventions, and they sometimes preserved those conventions.

I had the ""bright"" idea to just not have an opinion, and say "whatever, JavaScript makes method aliasing easy, why not support all of them?" This turned out to be a regrettable choice, but despite years of deprecation, these methods do still exist in tests out in the wild. So the way forward is to move the aliases completely out of tap's core feature set into a plugin.

If you want it, opt into it.